Someone reported my professor, what do I do?

There was a student in my class who obviously had a disability (I think it might’ve been autism, but I’m not sure), and my professor treated him very poorly. She’d ignore his questions during lecture, and whenever he’d step out the room/was absent, she’d talk bad about him. Saying things like, “I’m not certified to handle people like him” “I can’t deal with him” etc. She teaches music, and music is open to ANYONE on campus, and in my opinion, if she doesn’t like the fact that a student with a disability wants to join her class, or if she can’t handle ONE student with a disability, then she shouldn’t be teaching. Anyway, while I do not think she’s racist, she does make comments about the black students in my class, and it makes me uncomfortable. For example, there are two black students in my class who look nothing alike, and she’s always confusing their names, and at one point she said, “ugh you guys all look alike.” She also made a comment about one of the black student’s hair in class, and that poor girl walked out crying. I don’t think my professor intends to be mean, and when she makes her comments, she doesn’t say them in a mean way, she just says stuff without thinking. Anyway, someone reported her, and I’ve been getting emails from my university’s diversity office to talk about what happened, but I’m scared to talk to them. What do you think I should do?
Someone reported my professor, what do I do?
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