Should I leave my current job?


I’ve been an academic advisor for almost a year and don’t speak to anyone. Everyone, to some degree, has their go to person or speaks freely in meetings etc. I do not speak at meetings/ speak to anyone in general. When we recently had seat changes, two women around my age moved by me and I began opening up. They have grown closer to one another and I feel left out, to the point where they hung out this weekend without inviting me. I’ve had drama with one woman who’s old enough to be my mom, she’s a moron and I avoid her, the manager already addressed this. I will only speak when spoken to, not only do I not have the social etiquette but I feel like I lack in knowledge in what the job entails, higher education is very detailed. I’m sure they speak about me and feel tense in an environment where I don’t get along with everyone, not my fault everyone else is difficult.
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Should I leave my current job?
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