Career Advice at Mid Career?

I have been working for over twenty years. I spent the first ten working in an architecture related field and the last ten or so in architecture. I am not a licensed architect, though I could be once I finish the required exams. Yet, for the past five years or so, I have often contemplated leaving architecture.

I haven’t enjoyed a number of aspects of architecture and I wish I could be more creative. The work I do is very technical and not the creative work you might think of. I have considered going back to school for something like art or graphic design.

Yet, to start over is not very appealing either. I am not sure if graphic design would be all that different. Sure, a little more creative and well, graphic, Lol. But, I would basically be working on other people’s projects regardless. Maybe a Fine Arts Degree would be different? Yet, I don’t know if I have enough of a voice or story to make it interesting or worthwhile in the long term.

The simple answer is becoming a licensed architect. The pay is better and I would have more opportunities as well as get out of some of the low end work I have to do. Yet, even then, still not creative. I don’t know how to be creative and have good opportunities? Not sure what is ultimately best? Any thoughts?
Career Advice at Mid Career?
Career Advice at Mid Career?
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