Did I loose my job?

Ok so this job I work at is supper easy but it's extremely toxic people bring drama to work and it's unprofessional and I been there for 2 months and haven't made it to my 90 days yet and I've experienced so much drama and Today I was at a station where I was poorly trainined and thrown to the wolves. And someone tried to accuse me of not saying anything just and that I just sat there and did nothing when that's not the case. I thought that I had it down and no one had good communication with me so I was behind and needing help so I kinda talk to a manager and said too much. And said I don't know if I would be at this job for too long because I how I get treated and how unprofessional it is. He understood but at the same time I heard he talks too much and I don't want to work there but I need my job to move out my sisters house because we don't get along and I make good money there and It sucks a lot any advice?
Did I loose my job?
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