How to answser these tricky questions during a job interview, ideas or examples?

Currently im unemployed and I want to know how to say when I go to interviews about these trick questiosn all the recuriters.
1. Skills and flaws
2. What do you see yourself in xxx years
3. Why did you leave your last job? In my case I was fired but I dont know what to answer in order to make my firing to look positive. I can't say that I wanted to chnage environment or to look to better opportunities cause I did nto resign I was fired. In this last job I have I had 14 years on that workplace.
4. Now recuriters are more sensitive and more tough in interviewing candidates as employees profiles in this era changed a lot and they demand more from employees unlike when I was younger. Regarding this particular issue I have a problem. I know some recruiters will ask me or expect me to respond in order for them to test me what kind of employee I was in my previous jobs if due to my job there, I was part responsible to manage the company to be successful, or something similar. But in my 14 years on the job I never moved up the ladder, my duties were not particularly duties where the company counted on me to make money or I was in charge of departmetns any of that. I was jsut the receptionist/front desk/office assistant. So my duties were not exactly duties that made a company succeed like in monetary field like sales, or that I was in charge and leader of a staff. Any of that. I did the same job for 14 years, I never was promoted to any other kind of job at the office. So how to answer if I am ask If I was repsonsibel for something important in the office? I mean the job of a receptionist/frotn desk secretary really is not responsible for a company to make money, my job there was to greet
5 mo
receive clients, ando do secretarial duties that is all. I was not an executive in charge of other departments or I was responsibel fo sales of the company.
5. Also due to my schedule at the office I never also had time to study something else in order to look more profesional while on the job, even if I have 14 years experience being a secretary in the same workplace. I could not study somethign else outside the job to have more education on the job and have more chance to land better jobs.
How to answser these tricky questions during a job interview, ideas or examples?
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