Should I get a ferret while I am in college?

Should I get a ferret while I am in college?
Ok so before you vote please read my description and Pros/Cons:

The number one reason I want a ferret is because I think they are absolutely adorable and I’m not sure when I will be able to get one. Here’s some information:

-Total original cost for owning a pet ferret= $450
(ferret, bedding, food, first vet bills...)
-Require 2-3 hours of playing time with owner if they don’t have a ferret friend. They sleep 16-18 hours
-They are high maintenance and need to have their cages washed out one per week, they need to be groomed a few times per week, they need to have the right amount of food.

Let’s say that my college that I end up going to allows for ferrets to be in their dorms as emotional support animals, do you think I will have enough time?
I will be a pre-med student majoring in psychology. I will be very busy and do not want to neglect my ferret if I do decide to get one. I want to be a doctor and I feel like if I don’t get a ferret during college, I will never have one. I do not have money and yes, I know they are somewhat expensive, but I do have some money saved up from my work. You may think this idea is really stupid I don't know but I need your opinion. I’ve wanted a ferret for quite some while and if I find a roommate that can tolerate a ferret, it may be possible. What do you think?
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Should I get a ferret while I am in college?
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