How do I talk to my manager about work overload?

I'm fairly new to the workforce so this is something new im experiencing. I mean, I've had jobs before but this is my first 'professional' job since graduating.

I've been met with a roadblock and I'm not sure how to proceed. I feel sick in my stomach thinking about it and it makes me dread going to work.

For the past week, my workload has become unmanageable. I have too many tasks going on at once and my quality is suffering.

When I first started my job, my quality was top notch and everyone was impressed. I slowly took on more tasks and since having more responsibility/tasks delegated to me, I've noticed my quality has dropped.

I had a bad day the other week where i submitted work full of errors over and over. I hate that I stressed everyone out with my shitty quality but I was feeling rushed and I had all these deadlines to meet. That isn't like me. My work is usually perfect.

It's not that I don't manage my time well, I work constantly. I sometimes stay back and work through lunch because I have so much to get done.

Small things will be forgotten. I haven't been able to roll out some projects im passionate about because there is always something else. I'm stressed.

I feel in my gut this is wrong. I've really started to hate work. I just want to cry.

Plus, because I'm new to this field there's still SO MUCH to learn and I want to I really do but I just don't have the energy by the time the weekend comes around to immerse myself in courses/learning materials. Even though I have a passion for learning I just can't do it because I'm stressed.

I've identified this is a big problem. What do I do? I hate that my work quality has dropped and I've been submitting work full of errors. That's not like me.

I don't want to seem like I'm complaining or lazy. How do I bring this up to my manager to achieve a win win situation? I literally feel like I'm drowning underwater. Whats the best strategy to think of a solution?
How do I talk to my manager about work overload?
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