What exactly can you answer this question at job interviews?

Im going to a job fair this coming Friday. At this moment Im unemployed as I was fired last November. First of all as a reaso of the foremr company firing me I will say that the Board of Directors came to a decision that my job description was no longer match the new company polices, that sounds more believable and more professional as the real reason I know why I was fired. I mean I was not fired beacuse I stole something or that I was direspectful with someone, any of those reasons was why i was fired. I was fired because from some months ago the GM and the operations manager were alreayd behind me to reprimend me if I commit any tiny meaningless mistake and one day in the morning they fired me and the explanation they give me in order to protect themselves ans act professional was the one I said above it was Baord of Directors decision, etc etc. But since I know those mangers for 14 years I know the well eniough that was not the real and true reason, but they had to say the other reaosn in order for them not to look bad in my eyes and end u being the bad people,

Anyway my job at that company was of a receptionist, office assistant for 14 years. Most of todays companyes in interviews for them is more important to know about my soft skills or what do I see myself in 5 years or how tI could handle pressure, thsoe may be possible questions. Im a little shy when people ask me those questions and believe me I could get all nervous and dont know what to answer. Im was jsut a receptionist /office assistant.

The other tricky question they now ask is somethign " Which goals did you achieve in your job? I mean if that question is asked to a engineer or a sales people or Marketing manager or someoen with a higher education they could respond (this is an example) somethign like "I..
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manage to raise to 95% in company sales or something like "I was in charge of many clients accounts " or I was in charge of some companyps innovation realted to..." among many other reasons taht could be answer.

But what to say when you were just a receptionist/office assistant. I mean being a receptionsit/office assistant you dotn help to increase any company sales, or you are not in charge of companys clients accounts either. or youa renot in charge of companys ideas either. I also had to se
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serve coffee to vists when the cleaning office lady was absent from teh company.

So any simple ideas on what to answer If Im asked that either in this job fair or a formal job interview
What exactly can you answer this question at job interviews?
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