A lawyer's worst nightmare?

Your law firm is lead counsel for one of the big investment banking houses. Your client has structured a deal in which a very large corporation is buying a smaller company and borrowing a large sum of money in order to finance the purchase (actually, it's a lot more complicated than that, but I'm simplifying it down to the basics).

You are the last person to review a 225-page agreement which all parties involved in will sign at 5 pm this afternoon. As you review the document, you notice that scattered among the hundreds of legal terms are numerous references to the "Indebtedness": the large sum of money your client has arranged for the buyer to borrow in order to finance this deal. For some reason, your Spidey Sense begins to tingle. Flipping through the document, you realize that out of all 225 pages there is only one place where it actually says how much the Indebtedness actually is. On page ten, where it defines all the legal terms, it's supposed to say that the Indebtedness is $922,000,000 (922 million dollars). In tiny print buried in the middle of the page, what is actually says is that the Indebtedness is $922,000 (922 THOUSAND dollars).

This is a nightmare I had last night, probably at least in part because I had been thinking about a novel I read a long time ago before I even went to law school. What would you do in this situation?
A lawyer's worst nightmare?
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