Do you think it's possible to save money for private college tuition in high school?

Let's say your high school self goal was to make enough money to pay college -- all expenses -- in cash out of pocket. Would that be possible?

Do you think there would be tradeoffs made in terms of commitment to grades vs time commitment at minimum wage jobs?

How many hours per week would be best to work in high school, if at all?

Assuming 10 hours per week, at a $12/hour min. wage, one could earn up to $5,760/year.

I don't think working more than 15 hours per week is practical.

I also do not think choosing a state school is practical (that's a controversial statement, but I have reasons), I do not think not going is practical AND I do not think not going, specifically at 17 is practical. I have my reasons.

Here's my argument: 1. rote academics is of mostly secondary importance to the social life experience from 17 on to 22. Thus, starting college at 23, while financially good, defeats the primary purpose of college.

2. State schools often lack community, and are often commuter schools. Rote education is often emphasized, and socializing is often secondary. Teaching is probably standardized. In the long run a state school is a bad financial investment.

3. Non-profit private colleges that emphasize undergraduate teaching and school community are where you should be going at 17.

THE PROBLEM: tuition at these schools is usually $50,000 for the good ones. Average is $28,000.

The current flawed solution: Parental responsibility for paying tuition (assumed by society).

Why this is flawed: there exist parents who refuse to contribute financially.

That's the dilemma.

I do not think it is possible to earn $200,000 by age 17. This causes young adults to lose out on valuable life experience, as well as slingshot them through an unpleasant standardized system. Not how it's supposed to be.

Admittedly, the vast majority of parents pony up and pay their portion of college tuition as determined by the school rather than deadbeat.
Do you think it's possible to save money for private college tuition in high school?
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