Real-life Contagion, COVID-19?

For those of you who have never seen the movie, Contagion is about a woman who is patient zero of an illness that spreads and kills millions of people. That being said, I gotta rage. My school (sophomore in college) is shutting down for a few weeks, possibly the rest of the semester, because of COVID-19 and doing online classes. I go to a science school, where hands-on learning is critical to gain experience, how am I supposed to do my lab classes online? People need to grow tf up. COVID has been around for years, like the flu, it mutates and changes. Some years, the flu affects more people and it can be stronger, unfortunately, killing thousands of people. But do we close down schools because it is flu season? BITCH, no. All campus activities are canceled, but we can still go to dining halls and live in dorms? It's the same cluster of people that would be in classes. Personally, I believe we are overreacting to this situation, what do you think?
Real-life Contagion, COVID-19?
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