Are you happy to be done with school?

As for me, despite all of the bull crap I still have to put up with at work, my life is glorious compared to what it was like in school. I was forced to listen to stuff I'd surely never use in the real world, the assignments never stopped, and I had absolutely no choice but to go as I was required by law to go to school and of course not having a diploma wouldn't help me get jobs. I felt like a prisoner the entire time that I'm dead serious, I tallied the days until school was out every year and kept track of the percentage of days completed down to the second, hoping the numbers would tell me that freedom (even though it was always very temporary) was on it's way in late June. Although I'm not the best at showing it, I'm very grateful to be out of school and working and being able to make decisions that I had no authority nor the money to make in school, such as working, enjoying my hobbies, and investing in myself. All of those years, I felt like a prisoner being forced onto the bus at gun point and forced to stay, but now I have a choice and I get paid for the work I do, and furthermore the work I do is important, the same can't be said about school, the only thing I was working for was to get out of there. Are you happy to be done with school or do you miss it?
Are you happy to be done with school?
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Are you happy to be done with school?
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