Which college should I consider going to?

I will be majoring in neuroscience and psychology. I didn’t get into many UC (University of California) schools because I had a low SAT. I will be a pre-med student that will eventually want to get into medical school. I come from a low-income family so selecting a school is difficulty when you weigh in the money part.
Here is what I am looking for in a school:
-great community, good environment, in California, great pre med track/program, great profs.
-I am applying to as many scholarships as I can.
If you have attended any of these schools please respond :)
Please select an option and explain why you think I should go to this school.
Thank you so much!
University of California—Riverside (UCR)
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San Diego State University (SDSU)
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University of San Francisco (this school is private and very expensive)
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California State University— San Marcos (CSUSM)
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Which college should I consider going to?
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