Did students self-segregate when you were in high school?

I remember in highschool in Los Angeles, during brunch and lunch, the Asian students had their own part of the school far away from us in the back where they wouldn't be seen. The White/Germanic students were also far away from us, and they would, sometimes, hang out with the Asian students. Black students hanged out by the stairs towards the gym, with the rest of the dumb jocks. Armenians all hanged out by the fountain. We, those of Hispanic culture, who made up the great majority of the school demographics, hanged out everywhere else. My particular group hanged out next to the Armenians, but we never interacted. Interestingly enough, other "Hispanics" never accepted me because even though we had the same culture, I was nerdy and looked more Armenian/Persian/Mediterranean than anything else, whereas they were of predominantly indigenous extract; I got along better with Armenians and Arabs. We even segregated ourselves at the lunch tables.
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The Asian and White students hanged out far away from us, but they would sometimes hang out with each other.

My elementary, middle, and high schools averaged 89% Indio-mestizo Hispanic. Being nerdy or smart wasn't perceived as cool by them, and resulted in me being constantly bullied; those were awful times. Blacks looked at being smart as being white; so even worse. Only Asians and whites thought it was cool to be smart and nerdy.
Did students self-segregate when you were in high school?
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