Weird Manager (I'm not sure how to deal with this)?

I started working at Walmart (for a little over 7 months now). My manager is an odd one, he treats everyone like shit and he has a terrible reputation. He isn't the best communicator around, he does work hard, and as odd as it is we do a lot of eye contact (even w/o me saying anything) yet he is kind to me, (and today I found out he was being more childish *an asshole* to my friend).

He saw her talking to me about the situation that had happend between them (my manager walked by multiple times and didn't say anything). And as I was clocking out I found him was sitting in his car and I'm like? He didn't come back into the building for like 3 hours.

*Granted I am confused on how you handle someone like this. And I do want to confront him but I am not sure how? (And the thing about it is I'm 23, he is probably in his early 30's and my friend is only 18). [Sure you can say quit and get another job but uh rona is around and a lot of stores are closed down, etc..]
Weird Manager (I'm not sure how to deal with this)?
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