Do you think it be wise to apply now for a job in this crisis?

Do you think it be wise to apply now for a job in this crisis?
I dont mean online and work from home jobs. I mean physical jobs at the site, at the company. I been unemployed since November of last year as I was fired. I started to update my resume in January in order to send the resumes by email to the companies that people I know suggested me to apply and other times I am registered to several job online companies where you attched your resume and fill info so they can re-send them at the same time at the companies looking for staff at their respective offces.

So far no luck for me in comapnies calling me to go to job interviews even if they had received my resumes or not. Not one had called me since I started to send out my resumes. Now this crisis came in the beginning of March so now things becae way much harder than before the crisis in the job and employment department all over the world.

I keep receiving though job alerts when a company is looking for employees in different job positions for their jobs. SO now Im not sure if I keep applying to them or wait until this thing is over even if by that time things will still be difficult in tje job department and maybe some comapnies will not be hiring new personnel for a while due to this crisis, until who knows for how long more in this year.

I say that I dont know if I keep applying to the job alerts I keep receiving ing everyday with the hope some company even one call me to go to a interview. But with this crisis I was also thinking another thing, since most countries, even in the one I live are in lock down and in semi-quarantine even some companies are closed completely but some of the employees are working from home (the ones whose positions are fit to work from home though not all job positions can anyway). DO you think that the companies who are still open but working %50 are calling people to go physically to interviews.
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I mean even the car traffic had been reduced and in soem areas you can't not even use a car, and also some buses are not doing all the... routes and in less frequency (in my case I dont have a car I can only commute myself by taxi or bus).

I be a bit afraid to go to a company or office for a job interview at this moment if less people are not going out of their homes btu also I dont know if the companies are calling people to go physically to their offices if most employees are nto even
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So I dotn know if I better wait until this is over to start and resume re-sending resumes again and stop the job search now for the moment or I keep applying to companies but I know I wotn be called to set up an appointment to go physically to a job interview because I doutb they be hriing soon to go to work in this crisis as people are not going out on the streets.
Do you think it be wise to apply now for a job in this crisis?
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