Do you think it's wise that I took a year off?

I have been studying for 6 years straight and now I have a master's.
I am really eager to move to France and build my career there. For that I need to get a 2nd diploma there and start my professional career.
I am really confused on what to specialise in because I like a lot of stuff 🤣
I have made some research and narrowed it down a bit so I sort off have a plan now.
But I don't have enough time to finish everything and apply for next year so I am going to take a year off and do everything well.
Meanwhile I want to work during that year hopefully and add it to my CV. It would make my profile even better.
So even though I am really eager to move out and start my life there, I don't want to rush it and apply to smthng I am not sure I would excel in.
Because the master's I choose is going to dictate the type of job I would be doing next.
My dad thinks I will be too old if I do that and not have enough time to form a family😅 very traditional views but yea🤷🏿‍♀️
Do you think it's wise that I took a year off?
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