What skilled trade is right for me?

I was recently accepted into a skilled trades readiness program. I went through the orientation today. I can be tutored for free in any of the trades.
Up until recently i was considering HVAC/Steamfitters seeing as how Steamfitters starts at $48.00 an hour starting as an apprentice as well as an additional $26.39 an hour once I'm officially in an Union.
However, since my only experience is from when i worked basic construction in high school, I am starting to consider all of the trades. Not every single trade i guess, I am afraid of heights so being an Iron Worker and Elevator Constructor are off the table.
I'm still very much considering Industrial HVAC/Steamfitters considering it is not a whole lot of in depth mathematics. I am also considering Pipefitters and Concrete Finisher and Mechanical Operators.
Does anyone have knowledge in the skilled trades in this community? Do you know anyone who works in the skilled trades? If so, what are your thoughts? What industry do you think is in the highest demand latey?
I was told now is the time to get into the skilled trades because most of the experts are from the Baby Boomer generation and are retiring so there are a lot of positions that need to be filled.

For the longest time (15+ years now) I've been strictly employed through the service industry. I've mainly had jobs in the Food Service and Retail but no longer want to pursue my withered dream of running kitchens and/or becoming the chef of my own restaurant. The Culinary Industry is no longer what it used to be. It used to be amazing before all the hipsters and entrepreneurs got interested in the field. Kitchens have been opening up left and right with this bullshit farm to table crusade that puts college educated and naturally gifted cooks less of a chance to really excel or save while paying your bills. The wages have basically stayed the same for 10 years now.

If you can be serious on this post I would appreciate it.
What skilled trade is right for me?
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