Men & women, what was your GPA in high school and college/university?

In high school, I was primarily a C student averaging at around a 2.2 GPA if I remember correctly. I failed one of my required classes during my senior year of high school, so I wouldn’t have graduated in time had my teacher disallowed me from retaking the exam. I barely put any effort into my classes and always told myself I had next year to make it up. Of course, I kept telling myself this until I found myself in senior year struggling.

Fast forward to college and I’m predominantly an “A” student. My first two years of college I had a 3.9 GPA, but I failed a class and got a C+ in another class so I ended up graduating with my bachelors at a 3.6-3.7 GPA.

My college transcript is majority A’s, one or two B’s, one F, and one C+

The F was me deciding that I wanted to go into the military so I didn’t care for maintaining a straight A average anymore. Also, this class was quite difficult and I hadn’t been on point with the readings so I was further behind where I needed to be. This was my last semester at this university, which was several hours away from my home. I had a dorm while at this university. I transferred to a university near my home so that I can better train for the military.

The C+ was my last semester and it was due to a lack of studying for an exam. There were only two exams that constituted one’s entire grade for the class.
Men & women, what was your GPA in high school and college/university?
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