How did you deal with a crappy boss?

I started this job in October of last year. I love the actual duties and what I do but I cannot stand my boss. I am coming from the public sector to private and have realized... private sector is garbage except the pay lol. In the past I have had terrible experiences with women as bosses so I guess I should have taken that into consideration. I am currently a college student and this job is a completely different field but I tried it out for work experience. I used to do IT for the state and loved my co-workers and still talk to my old boss when I see him. I was the youngest in my department and in my work room (next youngest person was about 50). We still talk to each other and hang out. As for this new job I feel like I cannot approach my boss and honestly well... she's not my friend. I don't have friends here but get along with like 2 co-workers. My boss I feel is really micromanaging and very very controlling and demanding. She constantly threatens me in order for me to do "better" she is constantly contacting me (wether messaging or texting/calling) and frankly I don't even talk to people I actually like that much. I have told her in the past not to contact me like that and she just just email me a list of my projects and deadlines and leave me alone. She said if I am going to work from home I have to be online (fine by me) but she never said anything about having to contact her. I prefer working alone and she knows that. She is always angry and about 2 weeks ago I was late on my deadlines because of her. There are day's she isn't online herself but if I did that she would have flipped out. I remember before work from home happened she threatened me again. I love my duties and what I do it forces me to be creative. My job technically is a year long but I can ask (about July or August) if I want to extend it. I am very thankful to even have a job right now but I am wondering if I should extend. How do y'all handle bad bosses? advice? Thoughts? Thanks!
How did you deal with a crappy boss?
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