Does your job mandate a uniform?

An exact uniform provided by your employer would be like a police uniform (vest, duty belt, boots, badge, gun, etc.) Or an EMS or Fire uniform. Some medical institutions and restaurants also provide their employees with specific uniforms.

A general uniform would be requiring you as the employee to wear a specific color/style of clothing (like a black polo shirt and khaki pants) but requiring the employee to purchase the clothing themselves and not specifying specific brands.

A lax uniform would be something like "professional" or "business" in that you may wear whatever you want to work (suit, button up, slacks, skirt, dress) as long as it is meets whatever societal expectations exist for that category of dress.

Or maybe you're a YouTuber or something that you could wear whatever you want for the day.

And... maybe you're unemployed.

*I realize this is being asked during the pandemic and maybe you're recently unemployed. Please vote in accordance to the dress policy of the job you had prior to being let go.
My work has an exact uniform that they provide
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My work has a general uniform that I am required to provide
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My work has a lax uniform that I provide
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My work does not require a uniforn
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Y'all got jobs?
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Does your job mandate a uniform?
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