I can’t keep a job because of my mental issues?

I struggle with depression, anxiety and ADHD, I really want to have a job because I hate spending every day at home but when it comes to keeping a job I’m not the best. The reason why is because I am a hard worker but my brain makes me confuse myself which leads to me asking a lot of questions because I’m scared to mess up and if I do mess up it makes me look really dumb. And I’m not dumb my anxiety just makes me seem that way to people. I usually don’t make friends at work because I don’t really like talking to new people due to my anxiety. Usually when I start a new job I suck really bad but I end up doing really good when I get the hang of it but sometimes I take longer than other people because I forget small details and second guess myself when I was right the first time. I’ve been dealing with this my whole life and I’m not sure how to cope with it. Can anyone give me any advice?
2 mo
A lot of times I leave jobs because I feel like I’m embarrassing myself.. or I feel like I’m dumb. And usually the jobs I. Do like doing and I fit in , I don’t make enough money
I can’t keep a job because of my mental issues?
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