Am I lame for using my stimulus to pay off debt?

My husband and I 's only debt is our car loan for which we currently owe 5K. Prior to the stimulus checks coming out that number was closer to 7K.

Our friends (and my husband) think I'm being a buzz kill because I put a big chunk of the stimulus toward the car loan and paying off debt is boring I guess.

Our friends are also hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt apparently. She's a third year medical student and he's getting his doctorate. Neither work. They attend school full time and the entirety of both their educations are paid for by student loans and then they take out personal loans to live their daily lives (rent, gas, food, etc.)

I love them as people lol but the level of debt they have gives me massive anxiety 😅

I realize to them, 5K is nothing. So why not just continue my monthly payments and spend the stimulus on something else but I just really want to be out of debt lol

My husband, of course, agrees with me that we should throw as much at this debt as possible, but he also is currently a little jealous of the things the other couple bought with their stimulus money whereas ours almost exclusively just went to the car.
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Am I lame for using my stimulus to pay off debt?
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