How do I quit a job when I'm the only employee?

I've been at my job for about a year now. I started as an intern but now I am full time and on salary since recently graduating college a couple weeks ago. I only work with my boss and I am the only employee. My boss in his mid 60's and is planning on working another 10 years but has said the company is mine when he does retire. He's a very nice guy and a good boss but I really want to move on. To start I have to drive 45 minutes to get to work and my boss is a workaholic which makes me stay later and won't get home until 7:30pm which is causing me to burnout. Second I wish I was working with more than one person. But most importantly I don't get any benefits (health insurance, 401k).

I have another job offer that pays more, gives me benefits, is a bigger company and has more than one other person working, and is closer to where I live. I want to accept it but I feel really bad about it because I just started on salary. My boss is expecting me to take over the business and I know one of the reasons I'm employed is because he likes me and wants someone to talk to. What should I do?
How do I quit a job when I'm the only employee?
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