Can you help me solve this Math problem?

I am not good in math. Can someone help me solve them with solution. I will analyze it after promise..

1. A certain mixture of flour and sugar consists if 12.5 kg of flour and 2.5 kg sugar. What percent of the mixture, by mass, is sugar?
2. Glenly and Luz, working together, can finish binding 1000 books in 4 ½ days. Luz, working alone, can bind the 1000 book in 10 days. How long will it takes Glenly to do the same job working alone?
3. Joshua is one third as old as his father who is three years older than his mother. When Joshua was born, the sum of the ages of his father and mother was 53. How old is Joshua now?
4. The cost to produce 100 units of a certain product is P5000. The cost to produce 1000 is P41000. Assuming there is a linear relationship between the cost and the number of units produced, find the number if units that can be produced for P3000.
Can you help me solve this Math problem?
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