Would you quit your job to pursue entrepreneurship?

I just finished my masters this week, and I’ve been working in the engineering field for a couple of years now. I have enough money to live off passive income, and have become heavily invested into finance these last couple years. I own some rental properties, and have most of my money in the stock market.

I love engineering, but find myself much more passionate about investing and entrepreneurship. I’ve been extremely obsessive and have maybe read/listened to 100s of books. I have a business idea, and want to actually follow through on it. I have a large network and capital to play with.

I may sounds naive, or arrogant, but I want to become stupid rich. I don’t want rental properties. I want a real estate empire. I want money to pass down to many more generations to come. I want super cars. I want to be able to buy my family brand new homes and give them everything they want. I also want to give back to those who have given to me. I’m slowly but surely getting up there, but I’m not quite at the level I aspire to be at, and don’t think I could ever achieve this working as a full time engineer.

If I don’t take this new job opportunity, then I feel like I wasted so many years of my life for nothing. Also- anytime I make a big investment decision, I tend to stress really hard after and second guess myself. Not before, but always after. This decision I’m about to make is huge. My parents will be extremely disappointed along with my family.
Would you quit your job to pursue entrepreneurship?
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