Is this a bad decision?

so as a little background. Currently I work in a hospital cafeteria. I hate it. I mean I like that my customers are basically my friends since the majority are nurses and doctors who I see EVERY day. However we're constantly understaffed. It's only recently that I've gone at least a month now without working at least 1 60+ hour week making $10 an hour. I'm tired. We've also gotten new management and this idiot doesn't even know the difference between a pint and a cup *this was seriously a question I had to answer for him..*
I also HATE food service, I mean it's OKAY but not what I want to do with my life.

Anyway I now have an opportunity to work in a warehouse for $12 an hour. The woman said it would be in the inspection department... meaning I wouldn't even have to do the heavy lifting, just inspect for damage and make sure things are wrapped up.

Here's the problem though...
It's for a "temp to hire" agency. I've heard good things about it. But they're a new agency to MY area and I've never worked for a temp place before. The woman on the phone sounded confident that As long as I do good and don't call in I'd have no problem getting hired, but is this worth the risk? I mean
.. I REALLY hate my current job. I have no interest in it being my future, even if my manager wasn't completely stupid, it's. Not what I want forever.
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1 mo
I also feel it important to point out that I like warehouse work. I worked for Walmart for 4 years, all over the store. Cashier, TLE cashier, bakery stocker, even cake decorating, but the only position I actually enjoyed was when I unloaded the trucks in the backroom.
I'm not scared of hard work, makes time pass. Especially the no customers part.
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I have quit my job and took the warehouse job. Not only this but 2 of my coworkers so have interviews at the same warehouse... we've been being put in pretty bad situations. For example there were multiple occasions in which I was made to work 16 hour shifts... and only given one 30 minute break. For the entire shift. When brought to the attention of the director that there was no one to cover, she simply texted me "oh well just stay on the clock through your break." This is illegal.
Is this a bad decision?
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