Need help advice on what I should do regarding my studies sorry for the long post?

I’m currently studying blood collections as part of the course you need you have 20 successful blood collections to pass

due to uneven numbers in our class this means I am often not able to complete my blood collections because the other students despite me asking if I can take their blood and them saying yes a few minutes later another student will come along and ask them if they can take their blood and that student will then say yes this then means I can’t complete my practicals it doesn’t help that some of the students despite only being told to do 2 collections they will jump in and do 3 to 4 blood collections As a result I have now fallen so far behind on completing my blood collections I have a total of 6 blood collections out of 20

when I raised my concerns to the teacher how I don’t feel ready or confident for work experience due to the lack of practicals and not having anyone to do blood collections on I was told by the teacher that I need to be ready for work experience in 3 weeks and I was told to grab a student and draw blood from their arm the problem with that is that all the students had already had the maximum amount of blood drawn from their arms and hands so even if I wanted to take blood from them I couldn’t

I’m trying my hardest and I really want to pass but I don’t know what to do there have been times where I wanted to cry in class because I paid a lot of money to study and I’m failing
because of covid-19 our classes went from 3 days a week to just 1day a week so I need to complete 14 blood collections in 3 weeks in a period of 2 hours on each day
Need help advice on what I should do regarding my studies sorry for the long post?
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