Was I fired under the cover of being laid off for COVID-19?

My feelings are really hurt right now. In March of this year, my manager called me and said the company has decided to terminate ALL part-time employees. (I estimate that about 95% of the employees are part-time.) This was due to being a non-essential business and having to close for COVID-19. But this wasn't even the worst part.

A few weeks ago, the business opened again. I only know that because I heard about it on their website. But I was not contacted about coming back to work. What really bothers me is that I'm a member of the Facebook group for the employees. I saw that the current work schedule has been posted. And the names on it are all of the same people who'd been working there when I was, including many people who had just barely started and were still in training when we closed in March. A few minutes ago, one of my ex-coworkers deleted me from the Facebook group, so I won't be able to see anything else.

But what do you think is going on here? Do you think my job might have just wanted to get rid of me and used COVID-19 as an excuse? I especially don't understand why they would have kept people who were brand new, when I had worked there for almost 2 years. I never called out, not once during that time. And I see some of the people who are back on the schedule are people who called out like once a week.

What are your opinions about this?
Was I fired under the cover of being laid off for COVID-19?
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