Should I take this $6000 course?

The course is to get certified in microblading which is like a combination of being a make up and tattoo artist. I’ve been told by many of my friends to go into makeup but I’ve always felt discouraged since the field is so crowded and there’s much more talented artists out there. However, this field is relatively new and the process consists of a lot of steps and is costly so, it’s not so crowded (yet). I’ve been all over the place trying to decide on a career path & this is the first thing I’ve stayed consistent on the idea of. I’m just afraid I guess to jump into something that costs a lot up front and then feel like I made the wrong decision.

Anyone who works in this field or knows someone who does, your opinion is greatly appreciated! I am open to all advice, though.

Thank you💕
Should I take this $6000 course?
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Should I take this $6000 course?
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