Legitimate ways to earn side cash?

This is kind of embarassing to post but here goes nothing. I was working in the health care field. I busted my ass to move through the ranks and have many certifications under my belt. However, I was laid off because of this Covid-19 crap. I have now been unemployed for nearly 3 months. Thankfully I was prepared for the most part and had over $6k in my savings so I was still able to pay my $1,800 in bills for the past 3 months. I have been searching for work everywhere. Gas stations, laundromats, cashier positions, other health care facilities, and even applied for house keeping positions. I can't even get a call or email back from any of these places. Seeing that I wasn't having any luck, I attempted to get on unemployment until I could get another job. It's now been 11 weeks since I applied and again, I haven't even gotten an email or phone call. I've waited on hold for over 11 hours total trying to speak to someone and when they do answer, I get no where. They keep saying they need more time. I have sold off as much of my miscellaneous belongings as I can afford to get rid of and I'm still nearly $400 short on my rent payment. Any idea of what I can do for side work? We have something in my state called JobStack and PeopleReady; both outlets for people unable to find employment. I have gone onto both but they have no work readily available either.
Legitimate ways to earn side cash?
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