Is this world for the financially corrupt people?

I work in an organization. There were two guys from staff. I had known them for 10 years now. I thought that they are sincere with me. I'm in promotion zone. They both somehow managed with my supervisor and took a charge from me. I felt bad. It was a good charge. Actually I'm in promotion zone that's y at this moment I didn't want that this charge should be taken from me. The guy who has been given the charge is not competent at all. The other guy will help him manage the charge. My supervisor was transferred. On the day she was relieving her charge she took that charge from me and gave it one of the guys as a token for their services. people say that these two guys used to do financial corruption and feed the supervisor. as a token of their financial services to her she gave the guy this charge. I felt bad. I didn't complain to my supervisor and I didn't even show any displeasure. i m not involved any sort of financial corruption. I felt like this world is for financially corrupt people who serve each other. As I'm in promotion zone , some people even taunted me that an incompetent person has taken the charge from me. Actually, the charge will be run by the other guy virtually not one who has been given the charge. Their purpose is financial corruption. Is this world is for financially corrupt people? If one doesn't want to be financially corrupt, his or her survival is difficult?
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What should I have done?
Is this world for the financially corrupt people?
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