Why do people put down trades?

Why is it that people put down working or getting a career in the trades. I know some families or even sub cultures within America where your expected to go to college or nothing else. Also, when I was in high school it seemed like it was looked down upon to go to trade school versus 4 years of college. It did however seem like those who struggled academically more so went to trade schools versus those who flourished in high school. But, nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty and making a living. I know trades people in unions make $40 an hour with little school debt. I think we should get rid of the stigma of tradesmen being “not intelligent” and push it just like we push college. And families especially in certain sub cultures or foreign born need to allow the children to choose their own path and not look down on them if they choose a trade.
Why do people put down trades?
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