What it like working in retail?

I lost my job recently due to covid. I've been looking for ages for some jobs to come up and eventually a few came up all in retail. In my old i was pretty much working by myself in my own space and time, 9 to 5 . Even though the other staff were horrible and i was treated as if i was a idiot who was only good at looking pretty and sweet. It was the prefect job for me. Im a very shy and extremely introverted.

I can get along with anyone but im definitely not a customer service kind of person. Im too honest and don't have a filter. I can work fast pace but not to a good standard. I work better in carm relaxed atmospheres.

I've applied for 4 jobs. One at aldi, two at Next and another one at wlikos. Out of all of them i want wlikos to give me a job. It's a very carm nice shop and it's full of sweet old lady's working in there.

Ideally i don't want to have to work im retail at all. Id probably cry and have a panic attack if Karen asked for the manager but im desperate and beggars can't be choosers so im just gonna have to suck it like i did last time things got hard in my old job.

My confidence has knocked a lot and I've lost faith in a lot of employers given I've been let down by my past employers. Kissing my arse then throwing me under the bus as soon as they get in bit of trouble.

Im mostly scared if a customer asks me something i don't know about and i look like a idiot and they get angry at me and i fuck up and don't handle it well.
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Lol just remembered i should hate my local aldi. They are knocking down my great grandads shoe factory to make a bigger car park. Its a beautiful factory and i always dreamed of buying it and reclaiming the family business. It's been in my family for years and it's my little bit of history in my shitty home town. I will really miss it
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So far all but one one comment has been negative. Eww i wanna die 😭 im so scared of actually getting one of these jobs
What it like working in retail?
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