When should you give up on pursuing your career?

I am going to be 30 years old soon, and two years ago I began pursuing my dream career in the fragrance industry. I was working very hard to send myself back to school, and to find as many opportunities as I could to get involved in the industry. I ended up obtaining employment with a company, and had a terrible experience. I worked for two people that were very connected to the industry, and after I decided to leave the company I felt that all the connections I made had turned their back on me. Any time that I asked a question, or tried to reach out for help I either received no answers, or just felt very dismissed. I walked away from the company very diplomatically, although I went through a lot of what I would consider hazing there. My supervisor even hit me in the face, and even though it was a joke, it made me very angry and uncomfortable. There was no HR to report this too, and because I really wanted to advance my career I didn't want to make any waves. So I just decided to leave. But that ended up making everything worse. At this point, I'm so overwhelmed and depressed at the feeling that I'll never have the opportunity to have the career that I've dreamed of since I was 13. On the other hand though, I'm a little bit happy at the thought of just letting it go. The more that I push and try to reach out for opportunities, the more that I feel like I'm ignored. I worked really hard to gain experience and to do everything that I can. Well after my dad passed away last year, my mom kicked me out of our house, and I ended up having to move to another state. I've been able to get in to school to finish my degree now, and I'd really like to get back into the industry. In the eyes of a lot of people, I probably look very unreliable. I'm wondering if it's just a sign from the universe that this isn't for me. Any ideas?
When should you give up on pursuing your career?
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