Am I allowed to do this at my job?

So today my dad was talking to me about work. We were at target and most people had on a mask and a few people didn't. It made me and my parents a little concerned and irritated that they weren't wearing masks. My dad made a statement saying how if I was at my job, and a customer was not wearing a mask then I was allowed to not check them out.
I work at a clothing store and explained to my dad how I didn't want to lose my job and he said I should do it because they are putting my health in danger. We are required to wear masks at our job and we sanitize before and after customers. I haven't returned to work yet and im going back on Sunday but I'm not sure if we are making every customer wear a mask or not.
My dad said even if they let people in the store without a mask. If I have to check them out, then I should ask them to put it on and if they don't have one then I should tell them I can get someone else to help them.
I guess my dad just doesn't want me in danger. Do you think I'm allowed to do this?
Am I allowed to do this at my job?
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