Am I overreacting/being paranoid or does my point sound valid?


So I’m working in the higher education field, I have been here for a little over a year. I do not have prior experience, since I’ve been here, I’m not corrected as often. We have a new boss since I’ve started and I get good feedback, for the most part. Twice a week, we run a report for students that are at risk of being withdrawn & have a check-in scheduled with a supervisor. She has been in the field for years and she states that my notes on these students are very detailed and I’m doing a good job. However, she asks questions to get a better understanding & provides suggestions. She is the one that reviews the report before it’s sent out to the big boss & needs feedback from each advisor. I see her with other advisors and find that she’s not as inquisitive/interrogative compared to how she is with my work. I feel like she’s lying and not being direct, stating that I’m doing well but providing suggestions each time we speak regarding the report. Am I being paranoid or maybe I’m making a valid point? Does this happen with everyone or am I being too hard on myself?
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Am I overreacting/being paranoid or does my point sound valid?
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