Do you guys think I should be more passionate about my career?

I’m twenty three. I tried college, didn’t really like it so I stopped going and I have been working for the past few years. I don’t have any kids so the money I make, takes care of me. I also still live at home with my parents so that helps and I’m not struggling. I initially went to school for journalism, since I stopped going all I do is write. Poems, stories, fiction etc I also love animals so I plan on volunteering at a shelter so that I can get a vet assistant position but since the pandemic they’re not accepting volunteers until October, so I’m waiting until then. It doesn’t pay much but I’m not doing it for the money. I’m doing it because I’m passionate about animals and I don’t have kids so that income would be just fine for me. I don’t want to make millions or own a business or anything like that. Considering I can’t volunteer until October, I’m often on YouTube. Looking at animals videos. Learning new facts about them and their habitats, etc. I also research on them on google but this guy had told me that I sit around doing nothing all day and that I don’t put enough effort into the career I want and says that the income of what I would receive as a vet assistant is nothing even after I told him the money doesn’t matter, and $20 an hour is decent pay. He wants to be a music artist so I suppose that’s why he sees it as little pay.
Do you guys think I should be more passionate about my career?
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