Do people lie when they say “I adore you”?

I posted about this awhile back, and Im still (over) thinking about it. Here’s some context to why I’m asking this. I was having a very tough day at work, so one of my managers brought me into their office and sat me down to talk to me about my problems. My problems are NOT work related at all by any means, but they still wanted to make sure I was okay. I very much struggle with very poor self esteem, anxiety, severe depression, and PTSD. My manager and I had a very personal conversation about life and mental health. During our conversation, my manager accidentally saw something that they weren’t supposed to see on me (self-harm scars). The conversation ended with my manager telling me that they adore me. What does it mean when someone says “I adore you” and is it possible that they could be lying just to make me feel better? Why would someone tell someone else that they adore them? No one has ever said this to me before. This is a big first for me. I’m probably overthinking this.
Do people lie when they say “I adore you”?
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