How to overcome my personal fears so I can study further, drive and run towards my own goals?

Ever since I've been a child I disliked school due to bullying and also with the negativity of my family so I disliked going to school. So due to that they've called me the "stupid one" , they labelled me as the one "who can't do anything" or else I've been picked on by people for being slow or for not being as smart as everyone else. I've been looked down on by my parents for working in a hotel cafe team and by others. I've had a bit of envy of others for being able to obtain their driving licence but always wanted one for myself but to scared to do it since my last driving instructor wanted to take me to a hotel to sleep with me. So I stopped taking lessons since then. I also left a further education course due to some personal issues and my friend was being the negative influence to leave it so I did and so since then have been working and travelling but feel like at 23 I've failed myself for not completing my course and everyone always compares me to others for not having what everyone else does esp to those younger than me and have and I'm scared of people since I'm sensitive but feel like I've got so much to offer but scared to be away from home for it since my home is my safe place esp from peoples words and also that's another factor for me to be scared since I'm not so academically smart that I'm scared I will never get married since everyone relies on jobs and on cars these days and not on someones personality but I would like to be independent and rely on myself to get by but I have no guidance but would like advice for motivation because the Last thing I want is to waste my life by not fulfilling my goals and to see other people do good for themselves, when I have potential and kinda believe in myself but fear is stopping me to get to my goal.
How to overcome my personal fears so I can study further, drive and run towards my own goals?
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