Should I make my coworker do his job?

We are sound engineers for a church. Our church has two sites: the church itself and an offsite community center type building we refer to as the ministry center. In our area, we can only have services outside and with 100 people at a time. To accommodate as many of our 6,000 attendees as we can, we have opened both church and ministry center (MC) for services.
My coworker, Valentino, and I need to be at the MC at 6:30 in the morning for the 7:00 a. m. service. We don't have much to do other than place the speaker on their stands and plug in cables into the speakers. The problem is I can't lift the speakers high enough to place them on the stands. The weight is about 40 lbs so I have to wait for Valentino to arrive to do it. Since he doesn't get there on time though, I've just been having the custodian help me with the speakers.
Sunday, Valentino didn't arrive until 6:57. All he did that day was sit down until it was over and then left to go read for our live stream service at 9:00 a. m. (note: people are not present for the live stream and we have it for those who either can't/are afraid to attend in person).
I have been getting fed up with his tardiness and really think I should stop asking the custodian to help with the speakers. Instead, I think I should wait until Valentino arrives and let him worry about it. My logic is, he is getting paid to put up the speakers and since he doesn't do much else during that time, he can at least do that. Before you say he is training me, I've told him before, I can set up mix and tear down just fine myself, but I just can't lift those darn speakers. Now, I know if I wait until he arrives, I might look bad, mostly because I can't plug in anything until those speakers are up, and I'll probably get asked "why didn't you ask someone to help?" But I'll be honest and say it's not custodians job, it's Valentino's.
Should I do it or let it go?
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Just to clarify: We both get paid to work and are supposed to share the responsibilities. On Sunday mornings, he is supposed to put up the speakers and I'll plug in the cables. Can't do that until the speakers are in place and he doesn't arrive until the last moment and I am tired of asking a custodian to help me put them up because it is Valentino's job to do that, not the custodians. I would do it, HOWEVER, I am only 5'1, 90 lbs and can't lift 40 lbs speakers to a stand that is taller than me.
Should I make my coworker do his job?
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