Do I have legitimate reasons to report my manager to the dept of labor?

So I started a new Restaurant job about 2 months ago. The owner is amazing and has had my back since day one. The manager on the other hand, who happens to be his sister, is a nightmare. Since I’ve worked there, about 5 people have quit literally just because of her. The owner knows his sister is a huge problem. The past several weeks I have been singled out, targeted and I feel very strongly that she doesn’t like me for whatever reason and goes out of her way to find problems with me. She will have everyone in a pre shift meeting and will single me out in front of everyone. I told her since my interview I start school in August and cannot be working as much as I started off working. She now tells me she needs proof of my enrollment in school and needs me to send her my class schedule. She will yell at me for wearing skinny pants, but every other girl there wears them and they don’t get yelled at for it except me. If I am stuck in traffic or running late, I call her or the owner ahead of time to let them know. I come in and I still get screamed at by her for being late and punished. But I notice other people coming in late with no notice and she does not care. She wrote me up for not doing side work, even though I knew I did it, and told me I was lying and that she checked the cameras. The biggest issue I have with her is she is getting in the way of me making money. She will give me and every server a section of tables, but last Saturday throughout the night she gave most of my tables to other people when I didn’t do anything wrong. Everyone else walked out last Saturday with $300+ in tips, I walked out with $40. i now feel as though I’m being targeted and harassed by this manager. She is not only being extremely rude but she is now messing with my income. It was obvious her goal was to sabotage me financially. I just don’t know if any of this is serious enough to where I can report her but I’m the only person she has it out for and I feel harassed everyday I work.
Do I have legitimate reasons to report my manager to the dept of labor?
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