I'm feeling a bit uneasy about my new job?

So I just landed a spot at a new restaurant. When I say new I mean NEW
The whole Plaza is new, and the owners have never run a store or restaurant before.
To me everything seems unorganized and rushed.
They started the hiring process 2 months ago and kept having to push back due to no furniture etc. All because of covid.
They finally have everything they need, which is great. But when I went to orientation I noticed out of 12 team members only two including me are adults the rest are high schoolers[15-17]. Not a big deal, but management got a bit upset that they requested pm training rather than am. They have school, what are they supposed to do? Lol So they demanded the change their times to AM.

They also sell alcohol. We have three managers and one shift leader the shift leader and 1 of the managers are below the age of 21 so they cannot legally sell it, nor can majority of the team. What will they do if I another team member or management is not there for the day?

It's also the kind of pizza shop where you make the dough from scratch, the training is in one day and it will be for 3 days then the actual restaurant opens up in 2 days.
Many of the team was concerned because they're not sure if they will learn all of that in just three days. So am I they also want us to throw the dough in the air..
From what I was told, the teens thought that this would be a summer job before they start school but because everything kept getting pushed back it turned into an actual job and they are not sure if they'll be able to come in like how they want them to.

I don't feel like I'm overthinking, or am I?
I'm feeling a bit uneasy about my new job?
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