Self-Study/Teaching Tips?

So, final year of college (or high school not to confuse Americans lol) started for me and guess what? I literally have no teachers, one of my teachers no longer works at our college anymore and I don't know what has happened to the other two.

Our head of year, says, we're going to qualified covers but I don't trust him, he's said that before and well either we didn't get a cover till ages, or it was a qualified teacher- just not in the subject he was supposed to be teaching us in!

Point is, I don't trust my college, and I'm basically going to have to become my own teacher this year so yay, totally not freaking out at all here.

I already revise anyway, but now I'm gonna have to teach myself and revise so if anyone has any self-studying tips or self-teaching tips that would be great.

So have you?
Self-Study/Teaching Tips?
Self-Study/Teaching Tips?
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