New Hurricane Classification system, what do you think?

This starts off like the Saffir-Simpson scale, but also takes size into account. Here is the base scale, which is again very similar to the Saffir-Simpson scale. Every time damage potential doubles, I go up a category. I added the "Severe Tropical Storm" category at 58mph sustained, the same as a Severe Thunderstorm.

TS: 39mph (40mph) 0.08x (Tropical Storm)
STS: 58mph (60mph) 0.4x (Severe Tropical Storm)

Cat 1: 74mph (75mph) 1x (Isaac Landfall)
Cat 2: 88mph (90mph) 2x (Several this year already)
Cat 3: 105mph (105mph) 4x (Gustav, Ike Landfall)
Cat 4: 124mph (125mph) 8x (Harvey, Katrina Landfall)
Cat 5: 148mph (150mph) 16x (Laura landfall)
Cat 6: 176mph (175mph) 32x (Camille Landfall)
Cat 7: 209mph (210mph) 64x (Patricia) (Global Warming, right now)
Cat 8: 249mph (250mph) 128x "Black Swan" (Severe Global Warming ~2100C. E. Dr. Kerry Emmanuel)

However, the SIZE of a hurricane can do just as much damage as the wind speed, so you need to multiply the hurricane's size (area partitions) by the wind speed in each partition of the storm's area. The "easy" way to do this is to just average the wind speeds and mulitiply by area, but this is not 100% accurate. You need a super-computer to do it correctly, which I don't have, but NHC and any number of Universities do.
Once you take size into consideration, Katrina has a destructive Potential near 128x that of a small category 1 Hurricane. Therefore Katrina is a "Black Swan" by my definition, but not Dr. Kerry EMmanuel's original definition.

Black Swan is Dr. Emmanuel's term for a 250mph hurricane caused by Global Warming, which might be possible somewhere on Earth as early as the year 2100.

I further sub-divide categories into "Low", "Middle" and "high" using the Log2 of the calculated Destructive Potential for each storm, and then add 1 to this number. There is no limit to what final category a big enough storm might have.

For example, Super Typhoon Tip (West Pacific) ranks as an 11.09 on this scale.
19 d
Taking size into consideration and linear averages instead of the most simple calculation, here is the Log 2 Category and destructive potential for some historical storms. With a super-computer, all of these numbers would go DOWN a bit.

Katrina 6.7 (strangely)
Tip 9.5* (Better estimate)
Laura 6.1 (Pretty bad)
New Hurricane Classification system, what do you think?
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