New employment disaster?

So I’ve took a course for life skills coach training but had missed one lesson on the subject of Relationships so I won’t be certified until I finish those lessons and pay up the remaining 1,500 on my tuition... I took training for life balance practitioner and I am not yet certified but soon will be... I’ve been working as a life skills coach for 2 years, I am more than capable for the position as a life skills coach, I creatively wrote most of my presentations & had the amazing opportunity to travel all over Canada for work contracts... I’ve never had full time employment, only contract work which never required proof of certification or anything else.
Recently, I’ve wanted stability more than anything & applied for a job that is literally down the street from my house at an elementary school. They invited me back after my interview and the first thing said to me was “WELCOME TO THE TEAM”
they now want my life skills coach certificate & life balance practitioner certificate which I don’t even have.
I’ve never been asked for proof when taking on contract work, although I am absolutely fit for the job & know what I’m doing when it comes to life skills along with all of the experience I’ve had in this field,
I don’t know what to do, I feel like a fraud.
Don’t be mean. I’m seriously so stressed, worried & doubtful to the point where I can do anything but sit in it.
New employment disaster?
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