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okay so a bit of background, my parents and I don't have an AMAZING relationship. It's always been rocky to say the least. My childhood wasn't super awesome either. Like they tried but we were homeless more often than not.

Well I'm 22 now and my boyfriend turned 30 recently. He comes from a family of small means as well, so neither of us have had any college education. I work in a warehouse for $12.00 an hour, he works at as a supervisor at walmart for $15.00 (about to be $18.00)

HOWEVER. My Step father is an incredible man. He was 25 when he met my mother who had 5 kids from a previous marriage (I am the second 0ldest) they had 7 more together making it 12 total. And he has worked for everything he has. Within the past 3 years he's started his own conveyor belt company, and staffing company. He now has a net worth of over 1 million dollars and his welders alone average between making $100 grand to $130 grand a year.
He wants to start a fabrications shop to build to tools for his welding company. He's my boyfriend and I to run it. We would EACH be averaging about $100 grand a year. Give or take, i would be Forman and my boyfriend would be superintendent. Now the only reason my boyfriend says he hasn't worked my step father before is because he doesn't want to travel. Well now my step dad wants to station this shop just 1 hour from where we currently live, so if we lived just 25 minutes from the shop, the drive between there and my boyfriends hometown would only be 10 minutes more. Yet my boyfriend for whatever reason isn't jumping at the opportunity.

As I said, I'm 22 and he's 30. The opportunity to make roughly $100,000 a YEAR is just falling in our lap. Am I insane for thinking this is a good opportunity?
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Would you take this job opportunity?
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