Can you solve this maths question?

you can get the answer 1 and the answer 4. I believe with all my heart that the answer is 4. I saw this in a tiktok and a lot of people told me it's one. But i really think it's 4. They think that multiplication goes before division which is not true. I even did some research and saw that till 1992 multiplication was first. So i understand why those people think that. But right now division and multiplication are together which means you have to go from left to right.

I tried it on 2 calculators who don't have the right settings yet and they said the answer is 1. I got really confused. But then when i tried it on my own calculator, which i already use for 4 years in school, it said that the answer is 4 (this one already has the right setting). So i got confused if it maybe is just the settings?

Some guy really told me 'you're only 15, you know nothing' lmao. Funny how i still think and know the answer is 4 buddy.

What do you think?
Can you solve this maths question?
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