What do you think about australias job security laws?

so the governement reckons that our unemployment rate was at an all time low (pre covid). the government says that casual employment counts as someone being employed. so if most people are employed as casuals, that lowers the rate of unemployment and makes the government look good. it also means that most people are struggling to make ends meet. which means the poverty rate is higher.
if we go back to employment security. it means our unemployment rate will go up. which would actually give us a more realistic view of whats going on. it means that if your hired as a casual after 6 months you should be offered a full time job. it means that jobs listed "with experience" would be more relevant because you would have worked 6 months as a casual somewhere before hand. it means that if an employer had a full time job to fill that they wouldn't be able to hire a million casuals to compete for the hours of that 1 full time job. it means that your employer would have to invest in job training and employees would feel like their employer was loyal. it would mean that instead of the current expectation that you should have 3 long term jobs in your life time... you could actually just have one career.

the governmet goes on about how they are investing in job creation and skills in australia.
more people being employed as casual doesn't mean that more people are keeping their head above water.

i understand this is such a huge issue and I've not nearly gone into as much detail as possible. just covered summary items.
casual employment is in some cases enough to make a living but its not secure and shouldn't make up the majority of workers in australia
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i liked the old rules. if an employer had full time hours to fill then they had to employ a full time worker. not a bunch of casuals.
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What do you think about australias job security laws?
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