What is my manager trying to do?

I started working for this company September 8th. I've been there for.. A month and a few days. Honestly, I wasn't too fond at first. Change tends to take the best of me. I'm not good with change. Over time, I got to be a pro. My first few days, they told me how I was really good at my job. The fastest to do my job. So forth. This job APPRECIATES me, and I started to APPRECIATE them back. A higher manager came up to me. All because I goofed off with him over something funny. He came up to me. He asked me my future goals. I told him that was something for me to think about. He said he will give me a week for me to figure it out. I smiled at him, and I told him I appreciated it.. This guy, he comes back up to me. Apologizes for not pulling me to the side. I told him that it's okay. He really appreciates me for having a positive attitude at work. SO FORTH. To get to my question here, why does he want to know my future goals? Course this is just a job to me. I never had management do this... ever.

For you curious people, I do want to grow with the company. I do want to challenge myself. Try something different. Be there for people. I don't have much experience in leading others. I do have a lot of experience training others.
What is my manager trying to do?
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